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MRE food is a dish that doesn't need a pot, doesn't need a lot of time, and doesn't have a limit to places where you can eat it on any occasion. Now there are many set meals with MRE food which can satisfy people's appetite, change the traditional consciousness of taking white rice, and make daily life convenient.

Product Detail

1. Introduction of MRE Food

MRE food is a kind of 17 series MRE, which is made by sausage fried rice、canned pear、sesame seed cake、sauce beef、fruit and vegetable fiber chewable tablets、chewing gum and pickled mustard tuber.

Mre Food

2. Nutrition of MRE Food

Mre Food

3. Application of MRE Food

You don't have to worry about staying up late at night and going home hungry to rest, and you don't have to worry about going out in a hurry. Bring a few boxes of self-heated rice, and you can nourish your spirit on the road.

1)Travel: driving tour/hiking/camping/fishing and other outdoor sports

You don't have to carry all the ingredients with you, so you don't have to go out to the remote area and get hungry.

2)At home: Too lazy to go out/catch up on TV/play games don't worry about slow delivery, don't worry about missing food if you don't meet delivery requirements.

Mre Food

3) Work overtime every day: stay up late working overtime/on business/on the bus/train

Mre Food

4. Our Factory

Our factory has established a 30000 square meters modern production plant, with 18 modern production lines and many modern production equipment, such as automatic baking machine, sterilization pot, etc., we also have 16 excellent R & D engineers.

Mre Food

5. FAQ

1) Are you trading company or manufacturer?

We are a manufacturing and trading combo. We have our own factories and workshops. We can complete a series of production processes from material selection to production to packaging. We also have professional business staff to solve a series of problems from order to receipt.

2) What's your products standardization?

We use vacuum aseptic packaging technology for packaging. After packaging, we screen qualified products through strict quality control. Provide consumers with safe, reliable and healthy food.

3)What's the price ?

Price is depending on the size of the order, we offer discounts for our old customers.

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